Physical and Emotional Trauma Healing for Pets and Animals

Working with animals began in a serious way during the first year of Covid in 2020. It started as a hobby, using the skills I had learnt and developed to work hands-free, as opposed to hands-on. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has always been a modality that lends itself in a beautifully organic way to use at a distance. To this end, I attended two Distant Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy CPD training sessions with the College of Cranial-Sacral Therapy to reinforce my skills. In addition, I trained in Osteodouce (energetic Osteopathy), the work of Jacky Roux, a Swiss Osteopath.

With the help of a very thick veterinary anatomy textbook, I familiarised myself with the anatomy and physiology of each animal I was able to work with.

Healthy bones, joints, organs, tissue and fluids all present with the same lemniscate and motility patterns regardless of species. Their positions may vary from species to species. But all can demonstrate that same sense of motility, tone and flow when healthy.

As with my human clients, when working with animal clients, I connect and I observe.

Strain patterns, torsions or constrictions may become apparent through the nervous system. I continue to observe. Observing and acknowledging layers of dysfunction allows for their transmutation back into a state of health through the unwinding and telling of stories by the tissue. The power of holding space for and being with the nervous system cannot be underestimated, whether for humans or animals. Working from a place of deep respect and compassion can facilitate these layers falling away and allow access to inherent health.

To further enhance the skills I had adapted for animals, I trained as an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

Animals are highly receptive to energy healing. I find it helpful to be able to move from a place of observation and intention to access health to being able to allow space for healing energy to consolidate any change or shift that has taken place.

The final piece of the puzzle was Animal Communication. I embarked on several rounds of one-to-one mentorship with Joanne Yeoh of Animal Communication Insights. I aim to offer, to the best of my ability, the same level of listening and understanding for animal clients as I offer humans. Animals can often be misunderstood by their carers, who may focus on a particular behaviour and wish to change it. Understanding the reason for the behaviour and putting steps in place to resolve the issue can lead to a less stressed or anxious pet.

In addition to emotional issues, animals also like to have their physical issues addressed.

Sometimes this can be injuries that careers were either unaware of or had thought not to be significant. Our animals and pets can sense and pick up the emotional and physical states of those around them. On many occasions, I have worked with both the animal or pet and their carer to resolve issues that affected them both.

I think of our animals and pets as companions. We are their carers rather than their owners, and we return their unconditional love with our love, care and respect.

If you have any concerns regarding the health of your companion, then please consult your Vet.

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