Womb Healing and Rebalancing

Aspects of Womb Healing and Rebalancing appear on a regular basis in my everyday work but I thought it would be useful to be more specific and give a little more information as to who can benefit from this approach.

This could be of support for you if you have suffered a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or termination.

You may have survived a traumatic pregnancy or birth. You may feel disconnected from, or have a difficult relationship with, your womb space or pelvis for any number of reasons. For example, womb pathologies (endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, fibroids etc.) or it may be that you have suffered physical or emotional abuse at some stage during your life. Maybe you have experienced injury to the pelvic area due to an accident or have been through abdominal surgery resulting in adhesions. These can cause pain and constriction affecting many areas of the body including compromising the reproductive organs.

It may be that the Endocrine system requires attention. This is your body’s hormonal system which should ideally be functioning to the best of its ability but could be compromised by for example, thyroid issues or adrenal fatigue. Peri-menopause, menopause or hysterectomy may also interfere with endocrine function.

How does womb healing and rebalancing work?

My work and experience over many years has shown me that our bodies can maintain, and hold on to, an energetic imprint or tissue memory of things that have happened to us in the past, maybe even decades ago. This felt-sense tissue memory can stay with us over time and make us feel as if we are living through those same experiences even now in the present moment.

I work with you to help your body resolve these somatic memories using a combination of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing skills. The aim being, to rebalance and heal from past happenings and ordeals. These therapies are equally effective online, as well as in-person, as I do not rely on physical touch but on a deep, respectful connection with your nervous system. In my experience, it can be more beneficial to hold the empathetic therapeutic space while listening to, acknowledging and facilitating the unfolding story of your somatic memories, rather than actively trying to elicit change.

If any uncomfortable feelings or somatic memories emerge during a session, we notice where it is in the body they originate from, gently observing and supporting while allowing the sensations to either dissipate or become integrated by the nervous system. It may be that we step back and resource occasionally to prevent the possibility of overwhelm and maintain presence.

My intention is for the musculoskeletal structure of the pelvis to be in a state of balance.

The reproductive organs should have a relationship with each other and/or the space they inhabit, and the network of glands and organs of the endocrine system should work harmoniously (the main organs being the female ovaries, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands). Energy may be released on occasion during a session, potentially resulting in a muscular twitch or jerk. Another sign of a shift, change or release of old patterns may be a yawn, sigh, deep breath or even a swallow. It may be that heat, cold or tingling sensations are occasionally noticed in the body.

Clients often report that by the end of a session, they feel lighter, looser and more balanced with a sense of layers having been peeled away. The number of sessions required is always an individual decision and you will have my full support on your healing journey.

Case History

This story is told with permission, and I have changed the person’s name. We had worked together on several occasions in the past. She is well-resourced and has good support at home. 

Monica had been trying for a baby for a while and had experienced several miscarriages. This time she was not even sure she was pregnant but had a suspicion that she may be. Unfortunately, she suffered an ectopic pregnancy in the early weeks and had to be rushed into hospital for emergency surgery to remove her left fallopian tube. I went to visit her at home about a week later.

We began by addressing the phlebitis in her right arm caused by the cannulas that had been inserted in a clumsy fashion, in haste, due to the life-threatening situation prior to the surgery. Monica’s whole right arm and hand had been swollen all week, and she was still unable to bend her elbow and wrist joints without excruciating pain. This was a priority for her. I made a very light contact with her upper arm for ten minutes or so and by the time I finished, the swelling had reduced and Monica was able to move her arm and hand without any discomfort. She reported that within three days the limb was completely back to normal.

We then turned our attention to the trauma Monica experienced due to the emergency surgery to remove her fallopian tube. She was still feeling very jittery and hyper vigilant post surgery with a high level of anxiety, elevated heart rate and fatigue. She had stiffness, pain and bruising and soreness around the three scars on her abdomen.

I did not physically touch Monica but sat to one side and connected with her ovaries and uterus. I could sense her left ovary unwinding and releasing shock. Eventually it energetically reconnected with the right ovary and then her uterus. I connected with her adrenals and held intention for the whole endocrine system to come to a state of balance.

Monica could sense more space in her abdomen at this point as the tension and constriction released from the left side. She reported that the anxiety had lifted and noted that her heart rate had reduced. The abdominal pain had disappeared and the fatigue had gone, instead she was feeling energised. She was also able to move around much more easily.

That one session, lasting less than an hour, was enough in Monica’s case to facilitate resolution of the trauma trapped in her system due to the ectopic pregnancy and subsequent surgery.

Please ensure that if you have any concerns regarding your health you contact your GP in the first instance, as usual.

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