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Can emotional trauma cause physical pain?

Earlier this week, I received two fantastic testimonials. Both of these go a long way to explaining how there is a definite link between our emotional experiences and our capacity to deal with overwhelm, which can lead to a physical manifestation of the emotional trauma.

The first of these stories relates to how sudden shock and horror can lead to acute pain.

The second highlights how early childhood and enduring trauma can lead to a chronic condition.

Client 1

“I had the fortune to find Sarah and receive her treatment when my back had completely given up due to shock and trauma.

When I saw her online for the first time, I was in agonising pain, with very little mobility and deep anguish. During the first session, I had a massive shift in feelings and emotions very quickly. The pain in my back dissipated to the point I could move freely the next day and for the next week after that. Relief has lasted over time, with very little relapse.

I have stopped having ruminating thoughts about the event that had caused my back to freeze in the first place. For the first time since, I can say I’m over what happened!

As well as my back pain, for the past 20 years, I have had a lot of discomfort in my C-Section area. I had bad cramps during my periods and muscle cramps around the scar. Since the treatment, I have not had one cramp, bringing so much relief!

Sarah’s extremely caring and gentle approach to treating these kinds of problems is perfect when your nervous system is in overdrive and is affecting the physical body. I can’t recommend her enough!

Big, big thank you.”

Client 1 had received some life-changing and shocking news which she had kept to herself for two months due to the shame she subsequently experienced.

I was the first person with whom she shared this information. We gently explored the fact that she was not at fault but was a victim of circumstances. There was no action she could have taken to avoid this from happening.

I was able to provide support and facilitate her nervous system to release the shock it was holding on to. I helped her back unwind and release the tension and constriction that had caused the joints and muscles to seize and tighten. I was also able to help rebalance her endocrine system, of which her adrenals are a part. This brought about an overall sense of relaxation and calm.

The improvement for her during her monthly cycle was a bonus. We only met online for two one-hour sessions, so I had not spent much time connecting with her reproductive system. The musculoskeletal system had been our priority.

My sense is that Client 1 was suffering with Post Traumatic Stress. A one-off event had taken place and caused sudden, acute feelings and sensations. This resulted in an overwhelming reaction with dramatic emotional and physical consequences.

Client 2

“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about what Sarah does before I experienced it first hand. I’d had stomach pain most days to some degree for almost 20 years. I suspected it may be linked to a childhood trauma that I don’t have any solid recollection of. I didn’t want to touch the trauma, but I wanted the physical symptoms of it gone. When Sarah said she could help (without even physically touching me), I was sceptical. But I’m happy to say that I am now (still utterly confused by it, but) a total convert. I recommend her to EVERYONE!

In essence, since I saw her over two months ago, I have had NO PAIN! Before, eating bread really triggered it, and now I can even eat bread without any problems. Sarah is an angel, as far as I can tell, a true healer. And she is calm, kind and such lovely company on top of it all. She makes it all feel very accessible and is so easy to work with.

If you’re struggling with pain or discomfort and you’re not sure of the root of it, I honestly and wholeheartedly cannot recommend her enough!”

Client 2 had dealt with years of ongoing and varying trauma since early childhood.

Her near 20-year history of stomach pain would suggest that her nervous system had been under a level of stress for most of her life. My sense is that building slowly over time, this eventually reached overwhelm, thus resulting in stomach issues.

Connecting with her nervous system, I allowed it to unwind and tell its story. I gave attention to all the internal organs, the digestive system and the endocrine system. Tracking and noticing any symptoms that arose in the body during the session gave us the opportunity to deeply listen to the story her body wanted to communicate to us. Acknowledgement is one of the most important parts of the work, whether it be the verbal story of the client, or the story of the tissue of the physical/energetic body.

When client 2 came to see me, she presented with what could be considered a lifetime of stress. This stress had precipitated a chronic physical condition. Being able to facilitate such an immediate difference in less than two sessions (the first one was a 10 minute taster) is exactly what encourages me to continue with this rewarding way of working.

Both Somatic Experiencing® and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy are, by definition, trauma-attuned modalities. Used together, either online or in person, they can facilitate the resolution of embodied trauma in a very profound but gentle way, honouring the unique wishes and needs of each client.

If you think you could benefit from working with me, please get in touch. Email sarah@ytenehealing.co.uk or call me on 07747 111040.

Please remember to contact your medical practitioner in the first instance if you have any concerns regarding your health.

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