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Relieving Jaw Pain

Have you ever suffered with jaw pain? Clinically known as Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), jaw pain is surprisingly common, affecting up to 25% of us, according to the British Dental Journal. It can cause headaches and earaches, as well as problems sleeping, which can become quite debilitating.

This client came to me for help addressing jaw pain after trying other solutions that had failed to help. Using a combination of Somatic Experiencing® and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, we were able to significantly improve her health and wellbeing. She has kindly shared some words about her experience.

“I went to Sarah, having got nowhere with addressing the troubles my jaw caused me.

I used to grind my teeth in my sleep, and now clench – causing me jaw pain, pressure headaches and difficulty eating harder foods. I’ve been in and out of the doctors and dentist for years; having tried jaw exercises, prescribed drugs and a night gum shield. It has never improved, seemingly getting worse, actually, so I went on a search for a more holistic approach and discovered Ytene Healing. 

Sarah has absolutely blown me away, managing to address aspects of my physical health that were kind of on the sideline for me.

Across multiple sessions, she has delved into not only my jaw but also thyroid, lower back and womb issues. I work as an energy healer, but I in no way touch on the anatomy of the human body, and the knowledge that she has is absolutely amazing. I feel areas of my body unwind and relax during a session, and I really appreciate the informative way she shares the experience at the end. The connection between traumas and the body is undeniable, and Sarah has helped me to clear things that I did not realise my body was still holding on to. 

I appreciate all the areas we have worked on. My body appreciates the attention, love, and healing it has received to no end. The most outstanding result to me is that I do not seem to clench my jaw now, either at all, or it has lessened substantially; I cannot tell as I am asleep and sleep alone. The tell-tell sign of the improvement is that I no longer get pressure headaches, which was a clear indicator of my clenching. 

If you have any sort of physical pain or ailment, especially something ongoing that you have not been able to shift or keeps returning, then go and see Sarah.

We seem to manage to live with a level of pain as “normal”, as this is what it becomes to us when no medical assistance helps, but it is far from normal. Listen to your body’s distress signals, and let Sarah dig down to the root cause and remove it for you. As a side note, the simple stressors of general living and its impact on us are a good enough reason to go, gifting yourself some TLC should be an absolute must in today’s society. 

Thank you, Sarah; I am beyond grateful for the freedom you have given my body.”

If you think you could benefit from working with me, please get in touch. Email sarah@ytenehealing.co.uk or call me on 07747 111040.

Please remember to contact your medical practitioner in the first instance if you have any concerns regarding your health.

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