Here are some comments from clients I have worked with, which you may find useful:

“I had the fortune to find Sarah and receive her treatment when my back had completely given up due to shock and trauma. When I saw her the first time I was in agonizing pain, with very little mobility and deep anguish. During the first session I had a massive shift in feelings and emotions and very quickly the pain in my back dissipated to the point I could move freely the next day and for the next week after that, relief that has lasted over time, with very little relapse.

I have stopped having ruminating thoughts related to the event that had caused my back to freeze in the first place, and for the first time since I can say I’m over what happened!

As well as my recent back issues, for the past 20 years I have had a lot of discomfort in my c-section area. I had bad cramps during my periods and muscle cramps around the scar. Since the treatment, I have not had one cramp, bringing so much relief!

Sarah’s extremely caring and gentle approach to treat these kind of problems, is perfect when your nervous system is in overdrive and is affecting the physical body. I can’t recommend her enough! Big, big thank you.”
“I feel fortunate to have discovered Somatic Experiencing® (SE) and Sarah. Her caring presence combined with her skilful, and effective application of SE have had a transformative effect on my wellbeing and in my life. Whilst providing a high quality of professional service, she has been kind, playful, and even become a friend in my journey of recovering from trauma. I am very grateful for the help she has given me.”
“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about what Sarah does before I experienced it first hand. I’d had stomach pain most days to some degree for almost 20 years. I suspected it may be linked to a childhood trauma that I don’t have any solid recollection of. I didn’t want to touch the trauma, but I wanted the physical symptoms of it gone. When Sarah said she could help (without even physically touching me), I was sceptical. But I’m happy to say that I am now (still utterly confused by it, but) a total convert. I recommend her to EVERYONE!

In essence, since I saw her over two months ago, I have had NO PAIN! Before, eating bread really triggered it, and now I can even eat bread without any problems. Sarah is an angel, as far as I can tell, a true healer. And she is calm, kind and such lovely company on top of it all. She makes it all feel very accessible and is so easy to work with.

If you’re struggling with pain or discomfort and you’re not sure of the root of it, I honestly and wholeheartedly cannot recommend her enough!”
“I was referred to Sarah, 20 months ago, for support with my recovery from severe CFS and complex PTSD. Sarah’s approach to treatment is dynamic but also enormously gentle, which has been essential with such a sensitive body and nervous system as mine.

Week to week what we pay attention to varies; sometimes structural readjustments for my pelvis and sacroiliac joints; another week rebalancing of the endocrine or organ systems in my body; another week trauma focused work on intergenerational or personal trauma stored in the body. And always, steady and consistent work on helping my nervous system to regulate and to become more resilient.

Sarah is positive, kind and practical, and I deeply appreciate her compassionate and skilful treatment. Our weekly sessions on Zoom are incredibly effective and have become a key part of my recovery plan. Despite the inevitable ups and downs of chronic illness, I have seen my resilience steadily improve and my energy levels rise.”
“As a serving police officer, I have been exposed to things that no one should have to see. When I first came to see Sarah for Somatic Experiencing® sessions, my ‘pot had boiled over’ and my life was in a spin. Now, I no longer feel so angry in my life outside work. The little things that used to bother me all the time are of much less importance. I have a more balanced life and I feel well again thanks to the sessions with Sarah.”
“I initially saw Sarah because I was having stomach cramps when exercising. The cramps were due to the fact that over 20 years before, I had survived a serious shot gun injury to much of my abdominal area and have internal scarring and adhesions. There is also some shot remaining inside me. Craniosacral Therapy sessions made a huge difference, allowing me to move with much more freedom and fully participate in my exercise class. In addition, my energy levels increased”.
“I am grateful to have the opportunity to change and be the best version of ‘me’. I am changing and healing month by month thanks to your patience and support.”
“My husband had his left knee replaced in 2015. He went to see Sarah twice before the operation when he was suffering from quite a lot of pain, and then a couple of times afterwards. Initially, she focussed on reducing the inflammation around the knee joint and supporting the leg muscles. After the operation, Sarah’s Craniosacral Therapy sessions were instrumental in helping facilitate my husband’s speedy recovery and return to full mobility”.
“I suffer from Parkinson’s disease which manifests mainly as tremors in my right hand and arm. Sarah’s gentle touch relaxes, softens and unwinds my muscles, allowing my shoulder to move with more freedom and my arm to feel more comfortable”.
“I have been seeing Sarah already, one to one, so I have experienced first hand what a powerful healer she is. Her group sessions are no less powerful than her private sessions. During and after the group healings, I feel instantly calm and very relaxed. Usually, I have the best night of sleep. I highly recommend joining her sessions!”
“I go and see Sarah every so often, for Craniosacral Therapy, to get relief from tightness and discomfort in my back, neck and shoulders. Her sessions always leave me feeling looser, more relaxed and pain free”.
“The first time I worked with Sarah was when I had a session with her for my Saarloos Wolfdog Shiloh. It was amazing to witness how he reacted to Sarah while there was (physically) such a great distance between them. Sarah's qualities are being so gentle yet so powerful! She really connected with me and my dog and explained a lot so I would understand what's going on. Shiloh responded amazingly and during the session I started to notice moments where he literally reacted to her by taking a deep breath or moving around. Sarah is amazing in her distance craniosacral work for animals!”
"Normally, I cannot maintain focus when expected to keep still and be meditative for anywhere near this amount of time. This method, however, I found remarkable. Being guided to maintain focus within the body held my full attention for nearly all of the session. It was truly relaxing. I had a fantastic night's sleep that night, but not even a doze during the meditation. Wow. Brilliant."
"I went to Sarah having got nowhere with addressing the troubles my jaw cause me. I used to grind my teeth in my sleep, and now clench - causing me jaw pain, pressure headaches and difficulty eating harder foods. I've been in and out of the doctors and dentist for years; having tried jaw exercises, prescribed drugs and a night gum shield. It has never improved, seemingly getting worse actually, so I went on a search for a more holistic approach and discovered Ytene Healing.

Sarah has absolutely blown me away, managing to address aspects of my physical health that were kind of on the sideline for me. Across multiple sessions she has delved into not only my jaw, but thyroid, lower back and womb issues. The knowledge that she has is absolutely amazing. I feel areas of my body unwind and relax during a session, and really appreciate the informative way she shares the experience at the end. The connection between traumas and the body are undeniable, and Sarah has helped me to clear things that I did not realise my body was still holding on to.

I appreciate all the areas that we have worked on, my body appreciates the attention, love and healing it has received no end. The most outstanding result to me is that I do not seem to clench my jaw now, either at all or it has lessened substantially; I no longer get pressure headaches, which was the clear indicator of my clenching.

Thank you Sarah, I am beyond grateful for the freedom you have given my body."

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