group healing and meditation

Group Healing and Meditation

An online, sixty-minute session comprising meditation and healing, allowing the nervous system to rebalance, facilitating the release of physical tension, emotional stress and anxiety and encouraging deep, nourishing sleep.

As you rest quietly and comfortably, I guide you through a body-based meditation to encourage you to relax deeply.
Then, connecting to the collective nervous system and energy of the group, I use my skills and experience in Distant Craniosacral Therapy, Osteodouce and Reiki to help and encourage you to access your inherent ability to release and resolve physical and emotional pain and distress.

I am very happy for your pets to accompany you during the session. Generally, they can tune in to the relaxation and healing straight away and can benefit greatly. My experience to date is that pets tend to lie quietly or sleep alongside you.

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“I loved the group healing which felt tailor made for me, just like a one to one session focusing on the body areas which required attention.”
“The initial relaxation was wonderful, it felt so good to really unwind. It was such an amazing experience to feel tension releasing from within. Afterwards, I was totally rested and balanced.”
“Thank you, Sarah, for a wonderful group healing session this evening! I felt so peaceful and relaxed throughout. Your gentle guidance where to focus our attention was so calming and effective and my shoulder felt the benefit too. My dog was also a happy participant relaxing next to me during the whole session! Would certainly recommend these sessions.”

Profound healing can take place in the group space

“I have been seeing Sarah already, one to one, so I have experienced first hand what a powerful healer she is. Her group sessions are no less powerful than her private sessions. During and after the group healings, I feel instantly calm and very relaxed. Usually, I have the best night of sleep. I highly recommend joining her sessions!”
Please remember that if you have any worries regarding your health, it is important to consult your doctor. Group Healing and Meditation sessions are intended to complement, not replace, the relationship you have with your medical or veterinary practitioner. If you have or suspect you or your animal has a health problem, please see your Doctor or Vet.

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