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woman with jaw pain

Relieving Jaw Pain

Have you ever suffered with jaw pain? Clinically known as Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), jaw pain is surprisingly common, affecting up to 25% of us, according to the British Dental Journal. It can cause headaches and earaches, as well as problems

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Happy Mother's Day message with flowers

What does Mother’s Day mean for you?

Mother’s Day can be a complex and emotive subject for many of us due to our individual circumstances. Not everyone has a fairytale upbringing and a loving relationship with their mothers for many different reasons. Mother’s Day may provoke uncomfortable,

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quote about the value of intuition


So here we are, a few weeks into 2024, with the festive season well behind us. How are you feeling? Have you put any business plans or New Year Resolutions into place? Or are you just exhausted and confused? Are

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Picture of women feeling christmas overwhelm


Are you already beginning to feel a sense of heightened anxiety as the Christmas/New Year holiday approaches? Many of us will have additional pressure put upon us by family members and friends, and/or equally will feel an undue sense of

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woman feeling the effects of stress


Stress is something that can manifest in many ways. As individuals, we all respond or react differently in any given challenging situation. This is likely to be dependent on multiple factors, the main one being “just how full our container

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menopause image

The Impact of Trauma on Menopause

This is a subject I have actually avoided writing about until now. There are so many articles already available on menopause and perimenopause that I felt I had nothing to add. But here’s the thing: everyone’s individual menopause journey is

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woman holding neck in pain due to physical or emotional trauma

Can emotional trauma cause physical pain?

Earlier this week, I received two fantastic testimonials. Both of these go a long way to explaining how there is a definite link between our emotional experiences and our capacity to deal with overwhelm, which can lead to a physical

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Womb Healing and Rebalancing

Aspects of Womb Healing and Rebalancing appear on a regular basis in my everyday work but I thought it would be useful to be more specific and give a little more information as to who can benefit from this approach.

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Scar Tissue Release and Healing

My reason for training in McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release(R) was a personal one. A year after my grandson was born by emergency Caesarian Section in May 2018, my daughter was still suffering with discomfort along the length of her scar

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