Osteoduce was discovered by Jacky Roux, a French Osteopath from the Alps. It echos many spiritual practices such as Mindfulness, Meditation and Quantum Physics.

When practising Osteodouce, I connect remotely to bones, joints or organs using the Universal Energy of the quantum field and start by simply observing what presents. Harmonisation occurs when I gently observe a part of the body without any intention of doing anything. Observation itself is enough to create change and allow you to access your inherent health. I strongly believe that deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology and enhanced understanding of the workings of the mind, body and spirit connection enables me to deliver more precise treatment and better results.

All parts of the body can hold memories of physically and emotionally traumatic events, accidents, injuries and compensations.

When the body part is aligned, we can feel a harmonious lemniscate, or a figure of eight movement, as the sense of holding two opposing magnets in our hands. Lemniscates, which are present everywhere, are found not only in all human physical structures but also in the movements of stars and planets in space. This sense of harmonisation aligns with the movement of the primary respiratory mechanism known to Cranial Osteopaths and Craniosacral Therapists.

During a session, I either sit to one side of you whilst you rest comfortably on the couch (if the session is in-person) or connect with you remotely via Zoom. The therapeutic effect of the session is enhanced when you are relaxed and in a meditative state with your eyes closed, as the human body is able to rejuvenate and move into harmony more effectively when all excess senses are switched off. Many clients fall asleep during sessions as the energy is deeply restorative.

"As well as my back pain, for the past 20 years I have had a lot of discomfort in my c section area. I had bad cramps during my periods and muscle cramps around the scar. Since the treatment, I have not had one cramp, bringing so much relief! Sarah’s extremely caring and gentle approach to treat these kind of problems is perfect for when your nervous system is in overdrive and is affecting the physical body. I can’t recommend her enough! Big, big thank you."

The Ytene Healing® approach

The Ytene Healing® approach offers Osteodouce, Somatic Experiencing®, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Animal Reiki to both human and animal clients, either in combination or independently.

The aim is to optimise the benefit for you and help you access your inherent health, which unfortunately can become trapped in the body as a result of trauma. Working slowly, respectfully, and at a pace you are comfortable with, I facilitate as physical and emotional patterns and restrictions in the mind/body system are released, enabling a shift towards physical and emotional equilibrium.

All the therapies offered are gentle due to their nature but can elicit profound healing. I guide you through the session at a pace which allows time for titration, pendulation and integration. We may pause occasionally for you to reattune to any shifts which have taken place, or I may encourage you to move your body a little to facilitate any integration as required.

Contact me to book an appointment or find out more about the therapies I offer.

Please remember to check with your doctor or vet first if you have any concerns regarding the health of a family member or your animal.

Osteodouce sessions are intended to complement, not replace, the relationship you have with your medical practitioner. If you have or suspect you have a health problem, please see your Doctor.

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